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DIY Hashbuster Micro OC eXtreme 2

The bitfury chips have been soldered by hand on the PCBs by a professional company. It was impposible for me to do it my self. Picked them up this morning, fitted two different type of coolers (old CPU coolers) on 2 boards. Put 12V on the board and the bright blue/white led lighted up! that’s good, no blinking red light. Bad news is… I don’t have any micro USB B cables at home ! Aaarrrgh. I ordered some but they will probably arrive on wednesday or so… no OC-ing today 🙁

DIY Hashbuster Micro OC eXtreme

Do It Yourself Hashbuster Micro OC eXtreme Miner… well almost… I got 5 assembled PCBs without the Bitfury chips. Mission 1 succeeded. Mission 2: get 45 Bitfury chips a.s.a.p. Getting them fast is impossible but I ordered 50 pieces, delivery end of february or begin of march.

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Short manual BFGminer for Hashbuster Micro

230Ghash/s 10x Hashbuster Micro

230Ghash/s 10x Hashbuster Micro

This is a short manual how to install BFGminer version 3.8.0 on Linux for the Hashbuster Micro 20+ Ghash/s (bitcoin)miner. Tested on Debian Linux 7.2

Update Dec 20: newer version of BFGminer is out: 3.8.1 . Manual is still the same but you can leave out: Now we do a little tweak to prevent reinitializing errors,….

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Tuning a Hashbuster Nano

The bitcointalk.org forum is great and contains lots of info about the bitcoin, market, software, hardware, and so on. It’s a worldwide community and most people are sharing lots of info and help people who have some problems or questions.

Recently I bought 10 Hashbuster Nanos and today I took 1 board away  from my tower and started to experiment with it. Try to get it hashing at a higher rate. Standard hashrate is bewteen 2.5 and 2.7 Gh/s. On the board you can play with the voltage which feeds the ASIC chip. Higher voltage means higher hashrate but also more heat! So (extra) cooling is essential. Bitcointalkmember XBOCT posted some very useful tips and tricks.

I did several tests with the board:

  1. 0.981 V -> hashrate: 2.5 – 2.6 Gh/s = stock / unmodified
  2. 1.025 V -> hashrate: 2.6 – 2.7 Gh/s = test run #1
  3. 1.050 V -> hashrate: 2.7 – 2.9 Gh/s = test run #2
  4. 1.124 V -> hashrate: 2.9 – 3.07 Gh/s = test run #3 going nuts

What the maximum voltage is for the ASIC-chip I don’t know, I have to find out later. Have the guts to nuts and just do some crazy experiments 🙂 Continue reading

Hashbuster Nano 10pcs Tower

I already had 3 Hashbuster Nano devices and ordered recently 7 more. Today I received the package and started building. Stacked 10 boards with pcb spacers. Then I contected 9 pieces of electric wire from each 12V + connector to the next and the same for ground connectors. At the first board I connected a (female) molexplug. With some tiwraps I attached three 10cm fans for cooling. Connected the molexplug to the powersupply of my Linux Radioserver and 10x USB kabel to an Anker 10 port hub. Started a modified version of cgminer (3.5.1) and it started hashing right away ! a cool 28Gh/s. For the future I will try to tune it a little to get maximum performance.

P1030036 P1030035 P1030033 P1030032 P1030030 P1030027 P1030026 P1030024 P1030019 P1030020 P1030021 P1030022 P1030023 P1030017 P1030016 Hashbuster Nano @ cgminer

You want to buy one or some Hashbuster(s) Nano ? Check out this topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=293668.0