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Create Gulden address with Vanitygen and import in wallet

Having your own custom or personal Gulden address is rather cool. At least, I think so 🙂 You can make it with Vanitygen. Vanitygen was made to generate Bitcoin addresses but you can use it for any other crypto address. You can use the option X and then choose what letter you want the address to start with. More info about address prefixes found here. For Gulden we use -X 38.

Generating your own address with private key is also a great way make an offline wallet. This way you can keep your coins secure and you don’t need to worry about your computer crashes or your backup USB stick will fail in time. Having a digital back up AND an offline backup is also a good idea. For extra security best make a bootable USB stick with Linux on it, how to do this check this link (Dutch). For this tutorial I used a VM with Ubuntu 14.04 (easier for making screenshots). I already have installed Gulden wallet and it is 100% synced with the blockhain. Continue reading