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One String Miner

Today I received my One String Miners. Great design by C-scape and Intron based on Bitfury chips. I won some miners at an auction at bitcointalk.com . Ben Turas is selling these great miners, designed in the Netherlands, produced in Asia!
Check out his salestopic.

The OSM is based on Bitfury chips and each board contains 15 chips, hashing 25+ GH/s without heat sink and 30+ GH/s with heat sink.  Each board runs from a single 12V supply, using ~25W.

I have 4 DIY1 and 4 DIY2 kits. This evening I build up the 4 DIY2 kits and build a small tower. Quality of the boards and other materials is high. Building was very easy. Screw the pcb to the heatsink, connect the wires to the powerconnectors, that’s about it. I used a BeQuiet PurePower 600W PSU I had laying around. Attached two fans, all in a temporary setup. 10 Port USB Hub is a Rosewill RHB-500. I used an ArchLinux PC, downloaded and compiled CGminer 3.12.3, turned on the miners, started CGMiner and it detected all miners. 3 miners were “ZOMBIE” at first but after just 10 seconds all boards were recognized and hashing. All works great with any issues. Temperatuur is stable with only 2 fans (in the most efficient position), 30 to 40 degrees Celcius. I haven’t tuned them yet so they hash around 25GH/s per board.

For now some photos, next few days I will do some more tests and tuning. I realy like these boards you should get some too!

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CGminer 3.12.3 Antminer U1

There is a new version cgminer available now, version 3.12.3. Works great with Antminer U1. Just run cgminer with these (extra) options:

 --icarus-timing=short --anu-freq 250

Hashrate is around 2 GH/s, I use a standard 12V Fans for some extra cooling.

freq(hex) freq(mhz) ghash/s
0781         200.0       1.600
0801        212.5         1.700
0881        225.0        1.800
0901        237.5        1.900
0981        250.0       2.000
0A01       262.5        2.100
0A81       275.0        2.200

I tried using anu-freq values above 250 but got >50% HW error on all devices.

antminer u1 cgminer 3.12.3

antminer u1 cgminer 3.12.3

The ANU 4 Antminer is my faulty one, don’t know why but this one has about 30 to 50% HW errors.