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BTMine V1 200GHs miner

We ordered two BTMine V1 200GHs miners from China. Shipping was later than promised but last week we got them from UPS. A lot people received th eminer damaged, some even with broken parts. Luckely we received them in good order, in one box 4 loose crews of the case but that’s no problem. Just to sure I removed the cover to check all parts, everything OK as far as I can see. I put them in my basement because they make quiet a lot of noise. I reduced fanspeed but then temperature raised. Now they are hashing at ±32 to 35 degrees with a fanspeed of 2500 to 2800 RPM. This week I will test and tune them some more.

BTM1 BTM2 2xBTmine200GhsV1-BTCguild

Some pictures of the rigs

There is one for sale here ! ships from the EU, payment in Euro or Bitcoins.

A movie of BTMine hashing