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DIY Hashbuster Micro OC eXtreme 2

The bitfury chips have been soldered by hand on the PCBs by a professional company. It was impposible for me to do it my self. Picked them up this morning, fitted two different type of coolers (old CPU coolers) on 2 boards. Put 12V on the board and the bright blue/white led lighted up! that’s good, no blinking red light. Bad news is… I don’t have any micro USB B cables at home ! Aaarrrgh. I ordered some but they will probably arrive on wednesday or so… no OC-ing today 🙁

Bitmine A1 Chips

Today I received two Bitmine A1 sample chips. Now we only need a design for a PCB 🙂 Or maybe setup something with The Wasp Project Collective. Anyway I have great plans in mind.

Update April 12th: Plans have changed, I am not going to use the A1 in a project.
These two A1 chips are for SALE for only 0.17 BTC which includes free worldwide shipping.
Update June 20th: Chips are SOLD


Bitmine A1 chip Bitmine A1 chip

Product Description

  • Developed on 28nm HPP process from Global Foundries
  • Custom IC package with power bars for low voltage, high current feeding
  • Configurable in daisy chain mode for distributed work with up to 253 ASICs.
  • Standard SPI interface
  • Hashing power* of 20 GH/s in low power, 25 GH/s in nominal and up to 33 GH/s in Turbo mode
  • Power usage* of 0.35 W/GH in low power, 0.6 W/GH in nominal and 1 W/GH in Turbo mode
  • Supply voltage* of 0.65V in low power, 0.765 V in nominal and 0.85 V in Turbo mode

* Please note that while we took the highest possible care in doing accurate and conservative simulations, the real performances of the final product could vary by a +/- 20% tolerance.

CGminer 3.12.3 Antminer U1

There is a new version cgminer available now, version 3.12.3. Works great with Antminer U1. Just run cgminer with these (extra) options:

 --icarus-timing=short --anu-freq 250

Hashrate is around 2 GH/s, I use a standard 12V Fans for some extra cooling.

freq(hex) freq(mhz) ghash/s
0781         200.0       1.600
0801        212.5         1.700
0881        225.0        1.800
0901        237.5        1.900
0981        250.0       2.000
0A01       262.5        2.100
0A81       275.0        2.200

I tried using anu-freq values above 250 but got >50% HW error on all devices.

antminer u1 cgminer 3.12.3

antminer u1 cgminer 3.12.3

The ANU 4 Antminer is my faulty one, don’t know why but this one has about 30 to 50% HW errors.


BTMine V1 200GHs miner

We ordered two BTMine V1 200GHs miners from China. Shipping was later than promised but last week we got them from UPS. A lot people received th eminer damaged, some even with broken parts. Luckely we received them in good order, in one box 4 loose crews of the case but that’s no problem. Just to sure I removed the cover to check all parts, everything OK as far as I can see. I put them in my basement because they make quiet a lot of noise. I reduced fanspeed but then temperature raised. Now they are hashing at ±32 to 35 degrees with a fanspeed of 2500 to 2800 RPM. This week I will test and tune them some more.

BTM1 BTM2 2xBTmine200GhsV1-BTCguild

Some pictures of the rigs

There is one for sale here ! ships from the EU, payment in Euro or Bitcoins.

A movie of BTMine hashing