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Finite by Design – 10 Peercoin Coin – in da House !

Today I received the 10 PPC coin from Finite by Design and it is awesome ! Most beautiful (crypto)coin I have ever seen, the quality is amazing. I recommend to every coin collector to get one (or two… or more). No more words… enjoy the  photos. 

Yoda is not included with the coin, he is just there to protect my Peercoins.

Finite by Design – 10 Peercoin Coin

Recently I ordered a cool 10PPC coin at Finite by Design. It’s pyshical coin made of 1 Troy ounce of .999 fine silver with a value of 10 Peercoin (PPC). I bought it with 100% selfmined Peercoins, how cool is that. This will be a great collectors item. As soon as I receive it I will post a nice review of the coin and add some pictures. Go get yourself a coin at Finite by Design ! they also have other great coins like Primecoin and Cryptogenic Bullion. The coin comes in a nice box with certificate.

Antana bitcoins

Antana (bit)coins are realy cool coins, there are several Bitcoins editions. A physical coin with constantly changing (bitcoin) network statistic on it. Each coin has a “theme” or special quote and has info about bitcoininfo of that period. I think these are rgeat and we have high collectors value.  In september I bought several coins and they are realy awesome. On bitcointalk.org I posted some ideas for a text on future coins. Guess what, the maker of the Antana coins liked my text “MINING ON MY OWN” and he made a coin of that. I am very honored and it feels like I have my “own” coin 🙂 .

mining on my own antanacoin

Some info from the Antanacoin website:

ANTANA was created to be part of the Bitcoin community. We offer a new statistic physical Bitcoin and other traditional coins. To involve more people into the community we accept only Bitcoins as a payment.

ANTANA PHYSICAL BITCOIN is a new coin on the market. It contains Bitcoin network statistics on the back side.  Each new batch of coins is linked to difficulty change – approximately every 10 days.

The main idea is to save the Bitcoin network/community history on a coin. In addition each batch of coins will contain some memorable event. The first batch has a well know name placed on all coins.

Made from: [Zinc]+[.999 Pure Gold]
Dimensions: [40x3mm] / [1″57 x 0″12]
Weight: [28g] / [1oz]

Antana Bitcoins

YooHoo! de Antana Bitcoins zijn binnen ! en ze zijn vet ! Deze munt is speciaal gemaakt in een limited edition van max 300 stuks per batch. Elke Batch heeft een speciaal theme/tekst. Ik heb de “Satoshi Nakamoto” en “Asicminer USB Block Erupter” versie. Naast de tekst staan er ook nog Bitcoin gegevens op die slag op een bepaalde tijdsperiode zoals, Datum, Difficulty, Total BTC, Blocks en Hashrate. De munt zelf bevat geen Bitcoinwaarde, er zit dus ook geen wallet aangekoppeld. Het gewoon een leuk hebbeding voor de Bitcoinliefhebbers. Dus surf snel naar http://www.antanacoins.com voor je favoriete Bitcoinmunt.

Op het forum bitcointalk.org heb ik ze ontdekt. Ik was er zeer enthousiast over en heb een paar “slogans” verzonnen en die voorgesteld aan de maker van de Antana coins. Hij was zeer enthousiast over de slogan “MINING ON MY OWN” en weet je wat nu het coole is? Op elke volgende batch komt mijn verzonnen tekst te staan !! Dat vind ik wel heeeeel cool.

P1020931 P1020932 P1020933 P1020935 P1020936P1020940