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Antminer U1 mod & tune up

I have one “bad” Antminer U1. Well… bad… at stock Freq it runs fine, when I tune it to 0981 it has about 30% hardware errors. Time for some research and tune up. I took off the cooling plate with the antminer logo. There is no cooling pasta between the plate and the PCB but some kind grey rubber something. Must be conducting too I guess but threw it away. First I wanted to fit a huge CPU cooler from an old Dell PC but it’s a little overkill. I had an alumium heatsink, cut a bit off with a saw. Drilled two holes in it for the screws. Applied some thermal paste, fitted the heatsink and tightened the screw. Applied the Antminer cooling plate just for the looks.

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DIY Hashbuster Micro OC eXtreme

Do It Yourself Hashbuster Micro OC eXtreme Miner… well almost… I got 5 assembled PCBs without the Bitfury chips. Mission 1 succeeded. Mission 2: get 45 Bitfury chips a.s.a.p. Getting them fast is impossible but I ordered 50 pieces, delivery end of february or begin of march.

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USB Antminer U1

Some new gadgets, USB Antminer U1 SHA-256 Miner @ 1.6 to 2.6 GHS (with OC). These are not supported yet by the standard miningsoftware, used a modified cgminer, you can get it here: https://github.com/AntMiner/AntGen1. I put 5 Antminers in a Rosewill 10port Hub, put a 12x12cm Fan in front of it and fired it up. Tested some settings to get the best performance:

./cgminer --bmsc-options 115200:20 --bmsc-freq 0781 -o YOUR POOL URL -u WORKERNAME -p WORKER PASSWORD

with these setting you get stock hashrate of 1600MHs

./cgminer --bmsc-options 115200:20 --bmsc-freq 0881 -o YOUR POOL URL -u WORKERNAME -p WORKER PASSWORD

with these setting you get stock hashrate of 1600 to 1800MHs

./cgminer --bmsc-options 115200:20 --bmsc-freq 0981 -o YOUR POOL URL -u WORKERNAME -p WORKER PASSWORD

with these setting you get stock hashrate of 2000MHs. One strange thing with options 1 Antminer gets very much HW-error, the other 4 work fine.

Please be aware when you overclock them warranty will void (terms of us from the manufacturer) and you always should use proper cooling. The standard factory setting is bmsc-freq 0781.

Some screenshots:

Antminer -bmsc-freq 0971

Antminer -bmsc-freq 0971

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When you mine cryptocoins, SHA-256 or Scrypt, you might use a miningpool. Most of the miners choose to join one the large miningpools. Nothing wrong with that but one the essential things of cryptomining is that it is decentralized. When everybody joins just the large pools, 2 or 3 organisations/pools have some sort of monopoly or you can see it as a single point of failure. When a large pool is offline it has great impact on the network. Most large pools have fees from 1%, 2% to 5%. Of course the need to pay for servers and stuff but they also want to make big bucks with their pool. I believe that is not the essence of the cryptocoin protocol. Making some (small) profit is no problem, but millions…..

So I advise miners to join a smal(ler) miningpool. I mine Litecoins (LTC) at http://www.mining-foreman.org , they also have a Feathercoin (FTC) pool. This pool needs some more miners (but not too many 🙂 ) to get the hashrate a bit higher so blocks are found a little faster than we do now. They now have a small award for block finders:  1LTC reward for the next 5 valid block finders!. So join us!

Peercoin (PPC) I mine at d7.lt

Bitcoins are mined at Eligius . Yes I know, this is a rather large miningpool but it’s owned by the maker of BFGminer. One the best (free/opensource) miningsoftware for mining crypto coins there is, so I want to support him. It’s  a 0% fee miningpool, but you can always donate what you want.

This is just how I think about miningpools, feel free to choose any pool you like. More info about miningpools you will find at several forums.

Some usefull links: