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Create Gulden address with Vanitygen and import in wallet

Having your own custom or personal Gulden address is rather cool. At least, I think so 🙂 You can make it with Vanitygen. Vanitygen was made to generate Bitcoin addresses but you can use it for any other crypto address. You can use the option X and then choose what letter you want the address to start with. More info about address prefixes found here. For Gulden we use -X 38.

Generating your own address with private key is also a great way make an offline wallet. This way you can keep your coins secure and you don’t need to worry about your computer crashes or your backup USB stick will fail in time. Having a digital back up AND an offline backup is also a good idea. For extra security best make a bootable USB stick with Linux on it, how to do this check this link (Dutch). For this tutorial I used a VM with Ubuntu 14.04 (easier for making screenshots). I already have installed Gulden wallet and it is 100% synced with the blockhain.

First we install Vanitygen

Open a terminal window:

If you have a clean install of Ubuntu you to install some dependencies before you can run GIT and the MAKE command to compile/make the Vanitygen command/progam later

sudo apt-get install build-essential git libssl-dev libpcre3-dev

it will ask for the administrator password, enter the password and it will download and install the dependencies. It will ask if want to install the software, simply press Y

Gulden and Vanitygen

now we can download the Vanitygen software by running this command:

git clone https://github.com/samr7/vanitygen.git

Gulden and Vanitygen
Now it will download Vanitygen to the folder: vanitygen
Gulden and Vanitygen
go to the vanitygen folder and run the MAKE command
Gulden and Vanitygen

it is as simple as that vanitygen is now installed, to run it simply type: ./vanitygen

Gulden and Vanitygen

Let’s generate a Gulden address

A Gulden address starts with a capital G so we need to use the option -X with <version> 38 follow by the <pattern> . I choose to make a Gulden address that start with GTEST. Be aware  you will need lots of CPU and/or GPU power to generate an address, when you uses 4 characters after the first character (in this case always G) you have enough power with your CPU. You will not be able to use all characters, when input a character which is not allowed you will get an error, just use something else or a different combination. So I ran this command:

./vanitygen -X 38 GTEST

Now it will start generating the address, just be patient.

Gulden and Vanitygen

After a while you will see the generated addres and also the private key

Gulden and Vanitygen

Now you can copy the output and paste into a text editor and print it on paper or write it down with pencil on paper. This is enough to make you offline (paper) wallet.

But… will it work? is the address correct? how can I be sure? Well, you can test it your self by importing the private key in the Gulden wallet. If that goes OK, you can fund the address so you will be extra sure it works.

Test the Gulden address and private key with the Gulden wallet

I have installed a fresh new Gulden Wallet, so it’s completely empty and it is not encrypted. If you don’t know how to install Gulden Wallet on Linux check this tutorial, it for Raspberry Pi but will also work on Ubuntu.

First select the private key and copy it. Start a new terminal window, go to the Gulden folder (Gulden-1.5.5) and start the wallet: ./Gulden .Now click on Help in the menu and then click on Debug window

Gulden and Vanitygen

The Debug Window will open and then click on the tab Console

Gulden and Vanitygen

When type help and press enter you see all commands. To import our key we enter the command importprivkey then paste the private key and give it a label.

Gulden and Vanitygen

press ENTER and it will import the private key and it will have to do a RESCAN, this can take some time

Gulden and Vanitygen

When it is finished you will see a new commandline and you can close the Debug window

Gulden and Vanitygen

To check the address click on File and then Receiving addresses…

Gulden and Vanitygen

Et voila, the private key is imported succesfuly and you now use/fund the address

Gulden and Vanitygen

Fund the (vanitygen generated) Gulden address

To be extra sure it is all OK, we fund the address with some Gulden. I copy the address and check it at blockchain.gulden.com

Gulden and Vanitygen

As you can see the blockchain already sees the new address and ofcourse it’s empty. Nice thing about this website is you see the QRcode of the address so I use my Gulden wallet app (in my case IOS version) and send some Gulden to the address. Because I have the Gulden Wallet active you see that there is a popup that the Guldens are send from my phone to the address and it is arriving…

Gulden and Vanitygen

and it is confirming in the wallet…

Gulden and Vanitygen

Now you are 100% sure your own generate Gulden addres works. When you have secured your private key (triple check it!) you can close the Ubuntu machine and delete it (be sure you complete erase/format the device you were running Ubuntu on). For the future you can fund the Gulden address and it will be safe. When you want use the Guldens simple import the private key in your Gulden desktop wallet (Linux, Windows, OSX), have your wallet 100% synced and you have access to your funds.

IMPORTANT NOTE: never use the address and/or private key used in this tutorial because the private key is public and anyone can use it to redeem any Gulden on it.

FUN PART: this evening september 29 2016 I will publish this tutorial. The funds are still there, so if you are fast you will be able to get your hands on the 5 Gulden 🙂 if you do so, please leave a comment (with some proof).

FUN PART UPDATE: People even donated some extra Gulden to the TEST address ! nice. Somebody emptied the wallet on October 22 2016, enjoy your Gulden.

check transactions: https://blockchain.gulden.com/address/GTESTBFqbZzgnW5NAPK24MdG93WBJTzCrY

Find this tutorial helpful? a small donation is welcome, thank you: GPh5iaTwjeQAdYbRTqwPHkx76HzumBiscu


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  1. Thank you very much for your helpful post! If I import the private key and the computer gets destroyed, is it still possible to import the private key on another computer? When I’m done I will donate you 10€ 🙂

    • You’re welcome. Yes you can import a private key any time in any wallet on any computer.
      If you any more helpk just let me know.

      p.s. this import instruction is for wallet 1.5.5 there is newer wallet available 1.6.x you should always use the last version of the Gulden wallet

  2. I lost Gulden doing this. I created a key using vanitygen and (my bad) dumped 337 Gulden into it without testing. After trying to import my key later, it doesn’t import into the official Gulden wallet. Did some more testing using the method in this article and found that the keys that vanitygen created using the “./vanitygen -X 38 GTEST” type command DO NOT import into the Gulden wallet. The corresponding public keys DO NOT MATCH. MONEY IS GONE.

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