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One String Miner

Today I received my One String Miners. Great design by C-scape and Intron based on Bitfury chips. I won some miners at an auction at bitcointalk.com . Ben Turas is selling these great miners, designed in the Netherlands, produced in Asia!
Check out his salestopic.

The OSM is based on Bitfury chips and each board contains 15 chips, hashing 25+ GH/s without heat sink and 30+ GH/s with heat sink.  Each board runs from a single 12V supply, using ~25W.

I have 4 DIY1 and 4 DIY2 kits. This evening I build up the 4 DIY2 kits and build a small tower. Quality of the boards and other materials is high. Building was very easy. Screw the pcb to the heatsink, connect the wires to the powerconnectors, that’s about it. I used a BeQuiet PurePower 600W PSU I had laying around. Attached two fans, all in a temporary setup. 10 Port USB Hub is a Rosewill RHB-500. I used an ArchLinux PC, downloaded and compiled CGminer 3.12.3, turned on the miners, started CGMiner and it detected all miners. 3 miners were “ZOMBIE” at first but after just 10 seconds all boards were recognized and hashing. All works great with any issues. Temperatuur is stable with only 2 fans (in the most efficient position), 30 to 40 degrees Celcius. I haven’t tuned them yet so they hash around 25GH/s per board.

For now some photos, next few days I will do some more tests and tuning. I realy like these boards you should get some too!

The DIY kits are available several variations:
DIY0 set:
1 OneStringMiner board
1 USB cable
1 power interconnect cable
1 serial interconnect cable
8 hex spacers(4 for each additional board)
4 rings and nuts(for each up to 3 boards)
1 10cm fan(for each up to 3 boards)
4 fan mounting strips(for each up to 3 boards)

DIY1 set:
same as DIY0, plus:
1 small heat sink with mounting holes.
4 M3 screws to mount the board to the heat sink

DIY2 set:
2 DIY0 sets, plus:
1 big heat sink with mounting holes.
8 M3 screws to mount the boards to the heat sink

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  1. Very nice! Any ideas why 15 chips DIY1 runs at 30GH/s, compared to Bitburner with 16 chips running at 45GH/s? Would DIY1 be able to clock to achieve at least 40GH/s?

    • The One String Miner is very clean and simple design, no extra DC/DC converters or something. If you connect a stock PSU (12V) it hashes at the normal/minimal rate. If you want to “overclock” it you need to connect a PSU on which you can adjust voltage and ampere, but be aware warranty will void. I will do some tests this week with one board, with 15 chips I should get to a 35 to 40 GH/s hashrate with proper cooling of course.

  2. It appears as if you attached the heatsinks to the backside of the boards rather than the component side with a dab of thermal compound on each chip. The fiberglass board back is a poor heat conductor, why did you do it that way ?

    • the most heat comes from the backside, under each chip there are may little holes which let out the heat. Also there a lot of spaces around the chips to conduct the heat away from the chips and board. The thermapaste was just a little experiment, it’s not needed. The heatsinks are anodized so when place them directly on the board it should be enough to conduct (some) heat. The heatsink is just an extra.

      When you look close at this picture you can see the little holes…

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  4. Tnx for response and JPG. Your website is very informative and helpful.My tri OSM has been hashing at 92 GHz using ATX supply also provides 11.9 volts under load. Will go to variable supply to boost voltage to 12.0 volts under load. Will also get some non-conductive heat sink compound, current temps are between 49 and 50 deg C., will see how temps are lowered.

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