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CGminer 3.12.3 Antminer U1

There is a new version cgminer available now, version 3.12.3. Works great with Antminer U1. Just run cgminer with these (extra) options:

 --icarus-timing=short --anu-freq 250

Hashrate is around 2 GH/s, I use a standard 12V Fans for some extra cooling.

freq(hex) freq(mhz) ghash/s
0781         200.0       1.600
0801        212.5         1.700
0881        225.0        1.800
0901        237.5        1.900
0981        250.0       2.000
0A01       262.5        2.100
0A81       275.0        2.200

I tried using anu-freq values above 250 but got >50% HW error on all devices.

antminer u1 cgminer 3.12.3

antminer u1 cgminer 3.12.3

The ANU 4 Antminer is my faulty one, don’t know why but this one has about 30 to 50% HW errors.


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  1. Hi, to bad it all has to be so complicated how do you boost the speed on the antminers? I got em going but from there it so secret thx

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