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DIY Hashbuster Micro OC eXtreme

Do It Yourself Hashbuster Micro OC eXtreme Miner… well almost… I got 5 assembled PCBs without the Bitfury chips. Mission 1 succeeded. Mission 2: get 45 Bitfury chips a.s.a.p. Getting them fast is impossible but I ordered 50 pieces, delivery end of february or begin of march.

I can’t solder the chip myself on the PCB, I don’t have equipment and skill to solder SMD. I know you can solderpasta, use a simple oven and stuf but these parts are just too expensive to experiment with. So I am looking for people or small businesses (in the south of the Netherlands preferred) who can solder the bitfury chips on the pcb. I you got tips, please let me know.

When the Hasbusters are assembled I will use 1 board for experiments,  brute overclocking with liquid cooling trying to push it from 22/24Ghs to 35+GHs. Why? because we can…

2014/01/16: ordered an el-cheap-o Aluminum Water Cooling Block from China, only $9 including shipping. Size:76*68*8mm, fit for 6mm pipe.

Aluminum Water Cooling Block

Aluminum Water Cooling Block

2014/01/22:  first gadget arrived today, a Corsair Hydro Series H60 watercooling. I bought it second hand on tweakers.net, it’s as good as new.

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  1. Ik hoop dat het solderen lukt 🙂

  2. Hello,
    Im very interested on your experiment.
    Finaly, Have you overclocked the hashbuster? and get 35 gh?

  3. Okay
    have you any ideas about unlocking hashbuster to overclock.
    i can check for you i have 4 of them, actually running ay 22-23 each

    • You can send an email to info[at]hashbuster[dot]com and they will send you OC codes, you’ll need to provide serialnumber of your Hashbuster Micro

  4. Thanks,
    I will let you know.

  5. Send them few emails but no answers.
    Mr Ivan.
    info hashbuster dot com get bouncing
    contact hashbuster dot com no reply
    I think they are in vacation.

    • Sorry info@ was the wrong email, contact@ is correct. Most of the time they are very busy and it takes some time before they answer email. Just send your email again next week.

  6. Ik zat zo nog even te kijken naar je fotos van de print.. Als je kijkt naar de middelste foto, die weerstanden lijken maar aan 1 kant gesoldeerd te zijn, zeker die net naast de plaats voor de asic. Als ik jou was zou ik dat ff goed controleren en doormeten en ook meteen bij de rest van het bord.
    Voor 90 euro kun je trouwens bij bijvoorbeeld eleshop al een hetelucht station kopen. Mocht je dat doen dan raad ik je wel aan om eerst te experimenteren op oude printjes

  7. Very interested is your project a open source design i would be keen to give the build a go myself a nice bit of advice for cooling if your going to overclock contact me on darkcode025@hotmail.com we can talk 🙂

    • this design isn’t open-source unfortunately. But you can OC them by unlocking them with a code. Next week I have 5 Hashbuster Micro on stock again (I had 5 PCB and last week each board has been provided with 9 new bitfury chips by a professional company), I do have the OC-unlocking codes for these 5 boards.

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