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Litecoin miningrig is running

Yes! Today in the late afternoon I received the hardware. I took a frame from an old PC-case which is perfect for the setup. Installed all parts without any problems. Then installed xubuntu 12.10, upgraded to 13.04 and installed the AMD drivers and stuff. AMD sees the R9-280X as 7900 series 🙂

First I tried to mine with cgminer 2.11, that worked but not optimal only 500KH/s. So I installed cgminer 3.7.2, that worked better. Then I tuned cgminer and my first try results are 720 to 730 kH/s for each card. Not bad I guess. It’s very late now so I go to sleep. Next week or so I will write a detailed review/how-to.

Complete system now uses ±726W. CGminer GPU setting are:
Volt: 1.200V
Engine Clock: 1050 MHz
Memory Clock: 1500 MHz
Fanspeed: 75%

Temperature of the R9-280X is around 60 degrees celcius. When I set Fanspeed to Auto and Max Temp to 76 degrees, less noise from the fans but performance drops to 640 KH/s when temperature reaches 70+ degrees. So I set fanspeed 75%, f*ck the noise!

Click here for info about the hardware I use.

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