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10 Hashbuster Nano in a PSU case

Another little experiment… how to fit 10 Hashbuster Nano in a ATX PSU case 🙂 Just for fun I took an old broken ATX PSU, removed the components, cut some holes in it and fitted 10 Hashbuster Nanos in the (hollow) case. Two 12x12cm Fans for cooling is psuh/pull setting. Used the powerswitch for easy on/off option. PCI-e 6-pin powerconnector. Now I have a compact 26+ GHash miner, about same speed as 1 Hashbuster Micro but in a funny case. lol.

Update 2014/01/15: Wow, the Hashbuster Nanos are not overclocked, just stock voltage but since they are build in the old PSU case and two fans (push/pull or blow/suck setup) cooling is pretty good and they hash @ 3GH/s a piece with BFGminer 3.8.0 !

Hashbuster Nano @ 3 Gh/s no overclocking

Hashbuster Nano @ 3 Gh/s no overclocking

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  1. Hallo
    Hoe heb je ze werkend op bfgminer 3.8.0 gekregen?
    Ik gebruik nu cgminer3.5.1

    Alvast bedankt

    Met vriendelijke groet,

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