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Hashbuster Micro Heatsink + Thermal Paste

Update December 11th:
Today I tried to tune the Hashbuster Micro a little more without overclocking it, just a “hardware” tweak. I put some non-conductive Thermal Paste between the heatsink and PCB.

  • Disconnect the power- and usbcable
  • Unscrew the 4 screws on each corner where the fan is attached to the pcbspacers (the fan holds the heatsink in place)
  • Simply remove the heatsink
  • Put nine dots of paste on the “golden” squares (that’s where the chips are)
  • Place back the heatsink, press it lightly and move it around/side to side a little so the paste gets spread
  • Put back the fan and tighten the 4 screws
  • There is a change that some thermal paste leaks through some very little holes in the PCB. You will see some “worms” on top of the PCB (where the components are). Clean it with a dry cloth.
  • Reconnect the power- and usbcable and start mining again

Now you should see some temperature drop. I my case temperature dropped from about 45 degrees celcius to a 30 to 33 degrees. Maybe I used a little bit too much thermal paste, I think if you half the dots you see on the photo it should be enough 🙂

First post December 8th: The Hashbuster Micro work fine with just a fan (I use a Coolermaster Silent Fan). Temperature is between 59 and 72 degrees celcius, hashrate 22 to 23 GHash/s. Today I installed a pretty big aluminium heatsink and on top of that the Coolermaster Silent Fan. It runs now for about 10 hours at 24 GHash/s, temperature 44 or 45 degrees celcius. Thanks to this relative small modification temperature drops 10 to 20 degrees ! and hashrate is 1 to 2 GHash/s higher.

HashbusterMicro @ 24GHs - 45 degrees

HashbusterMicro @ 24GHs – 45 degrees

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