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Antana bitcoins

Antana (bit)coins are realy cool coins, there are several Bitcoins editions. A physical coin with constantly changing (bitcoin) network statistic on it. Each coin has a “theme” or special quote and has info about bitcoininfo of that period. I think these are rgeat and we have high collectors value.  In september I bought several coins and they are realy awesome. On bitcointalk.org I posted some ideas for a text on future coins. Guess what, the maker of the Antana coins liked my text “MINING ON MY OWN” and he made a coin of that. I am very honored and it feels like I have my “own” coin 🙂 .

mining on my own antanacoin

Some info from the Antanacoin website:

ANTANA was created to be part of the Bitcoin community. We offer a new statistic physical Bitcoin and other traditional coins. To involve more people into the community we accept only Bitcoins as a payment.

ANTANA PHYSICAL BITCOIN is a new coin on the market. It contains Bitcoin network statistics on the back side.  Each new batch of coins is linked to difficulty change – approximately every 10 days.

The main idea is to save the Bitcoin network/community history on a coin. In addition each batch of coins will contain some memorable event. The first batch has a well know name placed on all coins.

Made from: [Zinc]+[.999 Pure Gold]
Dimensions: [40x3mm] / [1″57 x 0″12]
Weight: [28g] / [1oz]

Ubuntu Server + several miners

Currently I am using this hardware to mine cryptocoin:

Ubuntu Server 13.04

This system draws 18W. I call it the RadioServer because I build all the hardware in a Loewe-Opta Meteor Type 1781W from 1956/57.

radioserver01 radioserver02

today October 11 2013 I have 38 USB Block Erupters (330MH/s) running + 3 Hashbusters (2.5 GH/s) total power: 12.5 + 7.5 = 20 GH/s

Picture taken September 26

Setup is like this:

  • 3 x Rosewill RHB-500 USB Hub with 8 USB Block Erupters
  • 1 x 10 port (USB3) Anker USB Hub with 8 USB Block Erupters
  • 1 x DLink DUB H7 USB Hub with 6 USB Block Erupters
  • These 5 hubs are connected to another DLink DUB H7 USB Hub which is connected to a USBport on the server.
  • 3 x Hashbusters each device connected to a USBport on the server

The USB Block Erupters mine with BFGminer 3.1.4 . The Hashbusters run in Virtualbox Linux machine with modified CGminer 3.3.1.