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Hashbuster Nano 10pcs Tower

I already had 3 Hashbuster Nano devices and ordered recently 7 more. Today I received the package and started building. Stacked 10 boards with pcb spacers. Then I contected 9 pieces of electric wire from each 12V + connector to the next and the same for ground connectors. At the first board I connected a (female) molexplug. With some tiwraps I attached three 10cm fans for cooling. Connected the molexplug to the powersupply of my Linux Radioserver and 10x USB kabel to an Anker 10 port hub. Started a modified version of cgminer (3.5.1) and it started hashing right away ! a cool 28Gh/s. For the future I will try to tune it a little to get maximum performance.

P1030036 P1030035 P1030033 P1030032 P1030030 P1030027 P1030026 P1030024 P1030019 P1030020 P1030021 P1030022 P1030023 P1030017 P1030016 Hashbuster Nano @ cgminer

You want to buy one or some Hashbuster(s) Nano ? Check out this topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=293668.0

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