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HashBuster Nano review

I wrote this review on september 13 and posted it on bitcointalk.org . I also post it here on my blog , in the review I use my nickname WTTBS which I have on bitcoinstalk.org. Some minor type-o have been corrected. You can also download the review as PDF.

HashBuster Nano ASIC miner
review by WTTBS

Specs (September 13 – 2013):

HashBuster team is glad to announce HashBuster ASIC miners available for immediate order and delivery.

HashBuster Nano miner based on one bitfury chip.

  • 2.5+ Ghash/s speed. In most situations (no overheating and good power supply)
    it produce 2.5-2.9 Ghash/s.
  • No control unit required (like raspberry pi). Can be connected directly to any PC via USB cable.
  • Bootloader based firmware for easy update.
  • Adjustable voltage regulator for easy OC.
  • Optional thermal sensor.
  • FAN connector.
  • Adjustable fan speed via cgminer or automatic adjustment if thermal sensor is installed.
  • Wide range of operating voltage (5v to 15v). Optimal is 12v.
  • Power bad LED indicator.
  • RGB LED status indicator.
  • Optional cascading.
  • Mounting holes for easy stacking.
  • Enforced USB outlet.
Hashbuster nano

Hashbuster nano

Package includes:

  • Assembled miner PCB
  • 40mm or 80mm FAN
  • Molex connector
  • USB cable

Please note that miner comes with no casing. More details via PM or email: contact [at] hashbuster.com

This is a story/review of me buying 3 pieces HashBuster Nano (ASIC miner). My name is WTTBS (nickname on bitcointalk.org), I live in the Netherlands and I have been working and playing with computers and IT-stuff for over 25 years. Much experience with Windows and OS X, started with Linux in 2013. Now a days I only use OS X and Linux (learning more and more about Linux every day).

Order and shipping

September 17 2013 I contacted hashbuster.com to order 3 pieces. September 18 I got an answer (including this line: Sorry for late reply. We are a little overloaded with requests). Late reply? Within 1(/2) day, I think that is fast. September 18 I paid the BTC to their BTC-Address, I didn’t use escrow.  September 19 a confirmation payment has been received. September 20 (Friday) I received a message the package has been shipped with DHL tracking number. Tuesday September 24 I received the package from DHL. Everything was packed very well.

P1020943 P1020945
The order and shippingprocess went very well and great communication with the seller: 10 out of 10.


The PCB with Bitfury chip is build very good, as far as I can determine. You can easily built the fans with the screws and bolts on the PCB.

P1020954 P1020956 P1020957 P1020962
With a little creativity you can built two PCB’s on 1 fan (depending on what size fans are delivered).

Now you can connect the fan to the PCB.
P1020959 P1020961

The PCB needs 12 Volt power. You can use the molexconnector (that comes with the complete package). The yellow cable is + (12V), connect it to the right on the green block (facing front), there is a + sign on the PCB. The other two are Ground, use the back cables. You have to connect at least one black (Ground) cable, two is also possible: maybe better (looking) you don’t have loose cables.
P1020949 P1020952

Now you can connect power to the molex, I use my standard powersupply (B-quiet 300W) connector from my Linux (Ubuntu) Server. When something is not right with the power the “Power Bad Led” will light up, everything went well in my case so the Status Led lit up bright white. Connect the USB cables and everything is hooked up to your system.

P1020964 P1020966Note: some pictures are not very bright/clear, sorry about that, it’s because everything is installed in my basement.


The Hashbuster is a very new product, unfortunately it is not yet default supported/recognized by CGminer of BFGminer. The makers have built a customized version of CGminer you can use on Linux. For the (pro)Linux users you can download and compile it on your Linux system:

Miner archive is located here:


To compile you need to:
1. install electric-fence package: sudo apt-get install electric-fence
2. install hidapi library:
clone git from: https://github.com/signal11/hidapi
run ./bootstrap then ./configure, make, make install

After that you may compile miner source:
./configure –disable-opencl –disable-adl –disable-bitforce –disable-icarus –disable-modminer –disable-ztex –disable-scrypt –enable-bitfury

and after that you can configure, make and run cgminer.

If you have any problems or questions regarding this modified CGminer please contact: contact [at] hashbuster.com

The makers also provide a preinstalled with working CGMiner Virtual (Linux) Machine which you can run with Virtualbox. Virtualbox is available for Windows, OS X, Linux and Solaris.

Download and install Virtualbox:


I also needed to install: VirtualBox 4.2.18 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack , to support USB.

Here you can download the Hashbuster Virtualbox Machine (filesize is ± 1.7GB):


I did install the above on Ubuntu 13.04 and it works great.

A note from the makers (September 24 2013): Regarding the software. Hashbuster nano currently works with modified version of cgminer on linux only. We are working to release cross platform version soon.


I am very satisfied with the Hashbuster (Nano) ASIC miner. It’s not direct plug-and-play yet but if you have some knowledge and experience with computers and operating system/software you can get it running pretty easy. The makers are very supportive, despite they are very busy you always get replies on your messages and questions within 1 (max 2) day(s).

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  1. I have to say I am very impressed with hashbuster.com.
    I just recently ordered the same set up as MIJNDELVER and I very satisfied with the email response I have received. I ordered 3 hashbuster nano miners as well, and they were shipped the next business day. I live in the U.S.A and I ordered using EMS shipping and I have a tracking number and the packages are already showing movement towards the U.S. Order date October 17th 2013.

  2. I am very impressed by the service with hashbuster.com customer service was the best and they shipped my asic nano miner next day and was very responsive to my emails.


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